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ICEC Steering Committee

– Jae Kyu Lee (Founder, ICEC Center & Conference; Prof. of Xi'an Jiaotong University)

– Gyoo Gun Lim (Director, ICEC Center; Prof. of Hanyang U.)

– Kyoung Jun Lee (Former Director, ICEC Center; Prof. of Kyung Hee U.)

– Christopher Westland, (Editor-in-Chief of ECR, Conference Chair of ICEC 2014; Prof. of U. of Illinois – Chicago)

– Zhangxi Lin, (Prof. of Texas Tech University, USA)

– Qi Li (Conference Chair of ICEC 2005, Conference Co-Chair of ICEC 2019; Prof. of Xi'an Jiaotong University)

– Sung-Byung Yang (PC of ICEC 2016, OC of ICEC 2017; Prof. of Kyung Hee U.)

– Byungjoon Yoo (Program Chair of ICEC 2015; Prof. of Seoul National U.)

– Norman Sadeh (Conference Chair of ICEC 2003; Prof. of Carnegie Mellon U.)

– Robert Kauffman (Editor-in-Chief of ECRA, the journal of Electronic Commerce Research & Application; Prof. of Singapore Management U.)

– Yuli Zhang (ICEC 2018 Chiar in China; Prof. of Nankai U.)

– Minqiang Li (ICEC 2020 Chair in China; Prof. of Tianjin U.)

ICEC Special Issue Chairs

- Sung-Byung Yang (Coordinating Chair, Prof. of Kyung Hee University)
- Taeho Hong (Prof. of Pusan National University)
- MOU JIAN (Prof. of Pusan National University)
- Dan J. Kim (University of North Texas)

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